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Inspirational quotes to build on your true Beautifulness. We will update these monthly, Enjoy exploring.

Quote 1

People have their own way and beliefs but as long as you have treated them with respect and don't act negativity towards them you have done as much as you can.


Look at someone from the inside not the outside, by our labels that are accrued throughout our life.

Quote 7

Make every day count, you are creating your story! Memories are treasured and shared, passed down through generations make people smile and remember you. You are unique.

Quote 3

Feel love, feel respect, feel positivity vibes.

Quote 4

A hug and an act of kindness goes a long way. Even showing and expressing gratitude uplifts that person.

Quote 11

Being happy and being that person who makes someone else happy makes you happy.

Quote 5

Judge people based on getting to know them. Not based on things heard or their past. Love them for who they are.

Quote 6

Love and appreciate everything around you. Even the bad, as you can reflect and know what you don't want to become. But express love towards them as they will feel warmth and will feel a small glow inside. The more glows they feel the more they will know how to express and learn how to re-love.

Quote 10

Be you. A kind livening and understanding person.
Find yourself.

Quote 9

So true........ Kindness doesn't cost a thing but it means more to those around.

Quote 8

Knowing you have done the best that you possibly can do by giving and sharing love.

Quote 13

Yes you. Believe in yourself.

Quote 15

Shine being the best you possibly can be. A smile goes a long way.

Quote 14

Being you for you and not trying to be someone who you think someone wants you to be. Listening to that inner voice that is telling you what is right and wrong. Not what you have learnt or believe from what we are taught. We are all unique and different for a reason as we have our roles to play. And play them well.

Quote 12

Appreciate this earth and what it gives to us. We owe this earth, it doesn't owe us.

Quote 17

To get that ever lasting shine.