Our Colour Wheel

Our colour wheel is to aid you to find balance within or just to have fun.
Colour has so many benefits to our wellbeing. Knowing what colours work for you on the inside is as important to knowing what works on the outside.
You may be drawn to different colours to aid you with where you currently are in your mood to what you would actually wear.
When we are born all we see is grayscale as the prisms within our eyes are needing to develop.
As they develop light can begin to enter which allows us firstly to see primary colours, Red, Blue and Green. These are then mixed together to get tertiary colours, these are then mixed together to create the spectrum as we know.
Black and white are not colours, these are used to create tones within the colour. Depth and space-and-light and dark.
Colours are used seasonally for example warm deep tones at winter to create comfort. These are two opposites, so summer has more cool colours to cool us down. So it doesn't just depend on mood it can also depend on season and also body temperature!
When you arrive with is we will take you on your colour discovery and will ask you questions to determine what is right for you.

Experience your rainbow.

Framed Quotes

We have created our own quotes to give more depth and meaning to our treatments.

These can also be purchased to enlighten others.